Athens Healthcare Support Network (AHSN) is a mutual aid network based in Athens, Ohio. We connect people and resources, with the goal of ensuring that everyone in our community can access the quality healthcare we need and deserve.


  1. Financial support:

Medical expenses are often the largest burden to people seeking healthcare. We connect people who need funds to help with medical expenses with people who can donate. Fill out our financial request form to tell us what you need, or fill out our donor sign-up form to let us know that you're able to help.

  1. Sharing resources:

We have compiled an ever-growing comprehensive list of resources to reference regarding healthcare in the Athens area. If you need to know where to access affordable reproductive care, counseling, primary care, or anything else, we've got you covered. Check out the resources list here.

  1. Community conversation:

In our Facebook group, we provide a space for people to share questions, resources, and experiences with one another to start important conversations about the state of healthcare in our area. We encourage people to share their positive or negative experiences with medical providers so that others can make informed decisions about where they seek care. Join the group here.